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On this website, you will learn of Paul Esuon Consulting (PEC), which provides services to all nations, churches and peoples. You will also discover the pioneer’s vision and heavenly assignment, the true worshippers.


“Money and Working For God” is a new and vibrant series that provides training on the true and proper way of money and the work of God. The series attempts to address the common challenges which labourers in the kingdom of God (the called) face.

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A total of almost 5 hours of video on the subject of Marriage For The Called can be watched below. The talk was given at the LDMG conference and organized into seven chapters including a Q&A session.

Excerpt from conference: Chapter 5 of 7.


Our free online training is ideal for those who are looking to learn, grow in their gifts and spirituality, and be equipped as true worshippers who can bring transformation in the local church and world.

An e-Learning platform has been built to provide free and easy access from anywhere to quality digital resources, and believers training programs which equip you to run according to God’s purpose and plans.


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Sanctification Manual

Get a free copy of “Sanctification Volume One: Secrets and rewards of holiness” in paperback or eBook format, a true manual for understanding true holiness and its rewards.

The entire book of 192-pages is a pattern and blueprint prophecy for unlocking supernatural realms of glory. It is being offered for free by the grace of King Jesus and the love of God, for the equipping of saints to be unhindered by financial constraints. Please note that there are limited copies of the current print version available.

To hear more about the application of this manual to a believers life, you may listen to a replay of part 2 interview by Joojo Bediako on Beauty For Ashes CitiRadio 97.3 FM show here or watch a shorter video playback on YouTube.


Welcome to the website for the ministries of Paul Esuon Joshua, ambassador of the kingdom of heaven, with an assignment to awaken the true worshippers: a people who worship God in spirit and in truth.

The Kingdom of God is the largest employer in the universe: an everlasting kingdom; and professionals in different spheres can find fulfillment by discovering and entering into eternal purpose, callings and assignments in order to advance the cause of Christ. All who will partner with heaven in this season will enter into latter glory.

The King of glory seeks for people who will work for him. Work is a devotion, and this is exactly what worship is. To work for God is to serve God, and to serve or minister to God is to worship God. People who work for God must work for him at a personal level then, according to several abilities, because we have different skills, gifts, access to resources and intellectual strengths.

In recent times, working for God has been poorly packaged and presented as though those who are not clergy cannot or do not work for God. My message is very simple: to work for God is to work for the largest and most well-paying Employer and Monarch in all the universe, and it is actually a privilege. I demonstrate and prove this to anyone that I meet, because I am called by the Holy Spirit to do so:

The believers are asleep, they are sleeping too much; the work to do is a lot and the labourers are few. The King is coming for His perfect bride, and all of us must be carrying out our assignment, mandate, calling and ministry to be perfected. Wake up the saints, and call them to work for the King of Glory and to give the glory to Him, because it is a privilege to be in His employ.

Divine Vision: October 6th, 2017

God has called, sanctified and ordained me by His Spirit to help those who are called to startup, establish and finish a work or enterprise on the earth, according to the pattern ordained in the heavens. This is how Moses the servant of God was charged by Yahweh to lead the nation of Israel, build the tabernacle of congregation, and setup the Levitical priesthood. However, King Jesus, the Son of God and pioneer of our salvation is greater than Moses and has established a far better priesthood and habitation for God, in the body of every believer.

I was specially called to bring the body of Christ into maturity in certain areas: to become the spiritual house of God, not the physical temples. This is true worship: not in “Jerusalem” or on “mountains” , but in spirit and truth. When God receives credit (glory) for our excellence and works, we are giving him true worship. For this cause, I was entrusted with a torch and sword and sent by the eternal Father to expand the kingdom of God into various regions and territories of the earth with a revival that is an awakening to purpose.

God wants to establish ideas, enterprises and patterns that transform society, and I have been mercifully chosen to pioneer a global movement of the true worshippers.

Special Message

This video contains prophecy of a move of God, as well as divine solutions, patterns and blueprints for apostles, prophets, christian leaders and all others separated unto the gospel of the kingdom of God.

Radio and TV

You may listen to repeat of various radio interviews here: https://paulesuon.com/media#radio

I received the authority of My King, along with His power to provide for the children of God that which is rightfully theirs in Christ, even that which the enemy has held back for ages: the inheritance of the saints in light.

February 4, 2022

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